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  The Hulls Grove Phase One website has been created to foster better communication and cooperation, as well as a stronger sense of neighborhood, among those of us living on Sandstone Court. Your comments, suggestions and contributions in regard to the material on this website are needed and appreciated. Please go the "Feedback" link to reach the Neigborhood Association officials, or the webmaster for this site.
Of Current Interest

Homeowners' Association Annual Meeting

The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Hulls Grove Phase One Homeowners Association (the official name of our neighborhood) was held on April 14th at Walt and Cheryl Bruehl's house. A quorum was present.   For an update on what happened, check out the Meeting Minutes in the Association Business section of this site.

Thanks to All the Participatns in the Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

The Annual Sandstone Court Neighborhood Clean-Up Day on Saturday, May 15th, drew a great crowd of willing neighbors armed with their rakes, shovels, weed whackers and chain saws, and ready to clean up a host of small neighborhood problem areas. The result was the quick completion of a number of projects that needed attention, plus a good time enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who turned out. And remember that you can still add trash to the dumpster (provided they're not already filled to overflowing) until they're picked up on Monday, the 17th.

Association Architectural Review Committee

The Hulls Grove Phase One CC&R's call for an Architectural Review Committee to be established in order to review neighborhood requests for homeowner improvements that are covered by the neighborhood covenents. A PDF copy of the application form for Committee review of proposed improvements can be found here. All major improvements covered by the covenents must be approved by the Committee. If you have questions regarding whether a proposed improvement falls under the covenents, please contact one of the Architectural Review Committee members for clarification. You will find their contact information listed on the review form.

Staying In Touch

We've added a "Neighborhood Directory" section of the site to make it easier to located names, addresses and phone numbers for your neighbors. Please drop us a note through the "Feedback" section if anything needs to be corrected or updated. You will also find an email link in the "Feedback" section that will send an email to everyone in the neighborhood.

Message Board

If you have something of interest to share with the entire neighborhood, try using the neighborhood Message Board.